Pumpkin Mug Cake

Pumpkin Mug CakeAs a food blogger I often feel pressure (usually self imposed) to come up complicated or unique recipes to share on my blogs. I love creating new and interesting things and combining flavors in interesting ways that keep me from getting bored in my cooking. At other points in my life I have had more time and energy for that kind of experimenting.But these days a lot of the time I find myself making the same tried and true recipes again and again.

The foods I make when I am in a hurry, the things I throw in the crock pot on the way out the door, the foods that I know everyone will enjoy when I bring them to the dinner table, that is mostly what I am cooking these days. That doesn’t mean I never go out on a limb or try something new, it just means that my focus has shifted a bit. I am cooking to nourish myself and my family, that is my primary goal. So I am going to start sharing some of those simple, almost too easy to be true, recipes here. Because I imagine that I am not alone in looking for some stress free (but still delicious) ways to feed myself and those I love in a wholesome healthy way.

This mug cake is just one of those recipes. It is not something I would make for company, but it makes the perfect warm cozy breakfast that makes me feel like I am taking the time to feed myself well. Many mornings I eat a few hard boiled eggs and some cut up raw veggies on my way out the door, but there are days where I want to eat something more satisfying. This pumpkin mug cake is just the thing. It has the texture of a steamed pudding with a bit of sweetness from the sweet potato and warmth from the pumpkin pie spices. It has two eggs which gives it a nice boost of protein but it doesn’t taste overly eggy.

The sweetness of this Pumpkin Mug Cake will vary dramatically depending on the sweetness of the sweet potato and pumpkin. I have found that canned pumpkin is much less sweet than homemade pumpkin puree and is not as good in this recipe. If using canned pumpkin change the ratio of pumpkin to sweet potato to increase the sweetness. (Use more sweet potato and less pumpkin) Also, I like things more on the savory side so this is not an overly sweet recipe. If you like things sweeter feel free to stir in a bit of honey or maple syrup, or drizzle some maple syrup over the finished cake.

Pumpkin Mug Cake

By 11/18/2014

  • Prep Time : 3 minutes
  • Cook Time : 3 minutes
  • Yield : 1 serving
  • Allergens :



Mash the sweet potato well in the bottom of a large microwave safe coffee mug. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir well with a fork until well combined. Microwave the cup on high for three minutes. Test the cake with a toothpick, it should come out dry. If not, cook for an additional thirty seconds. Drizzle the maple syrup over the cake, if desired, and serve immediately.

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  • Beppy Veer

    More than delicious! Also with palm sugar, rice and some almond oil. I used as herbs thyme, roasted peppers parsley. And some walnuts. Another variation that I made was with sweet apple, grated coconut and hazelnut flour and cinnamon and coconut powder parsley and gember. With a few hazelnuts for garnish. Thank you for this recipe. For me it is a good substitute for bread. And easy to when I go take to places where without
    paleo food.

    • Shoshana

      I’m so glad you like the recipe. I love all of your adaptations, I will have to try some of them, they sound delicious!

  • Andrew H

    Could this be made in the oven?

    • Andrew H

      Update: I made this in the oven and it took 45 minutes at 350, but it was delicious. It was sweet and flavorful as it is, but just a drizzle of maple syrup (enough to fill in the cracks on the surface) makes for a nice treat.