Olive Oil Poached Fish

olive oil poached salmon 550 squareMy usual method of cooking salmon goes something like this. I take a good piece of salmon and broil it until it is cooked through. Then I drizzle it with some flavored oil, top it off with some flaky sea salt, and dinner is served. But sometimes it is nice to make something a bit more planned out and a bit more refined out of that same piece of fish.

This olive oil poached salmon is exactly that. Poaching salmon in oil yields a fish with a wonderfully silky texture almost like it was sou vide. The herbs and garlic in the oil add subtle flavor to the salmon that makes it even better.

This salmon is silky and elegant but does not take all that much work than the broiled fish, making it the perfect change of pace on a weeknight.

Olive Oil Poached Fish

By 02/10/2015

  • Prep Time : 5 minutes
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes
  • Yield : 2-3 servings
  • Allergens :



Place the salmon in a small saucepan. The goal is to use the smallest pan possible that will hold the fish in a single layer, so as to not need so much olive oil to cover it. If necessary, cut the salmon into pieces and fit them tightly into the pan. Tuck the garlic and thyme around the fish and zest the lemon over the top. Pour olive oil over the fish until it is completely submerged (no need to use the really good stuff).

Place the pan over medium low heat. Once small bubbles begin rising to the top adjust the stove to keep it at that temperature. The goal is about 180 degrees, which is when small bubbles rise to the top. If small white dots start to appear on the top of the fish while it is cooking that is a sign that the oil has gotten a bit too hot, so turn the stove down to maintain the proper temperature. Cook the salmon for 18-20 minutes or until the top looks cooked and the fish flakes when gently prodded with a fork.

Remove the salmon from the oil using a slotted spatula and serve with fresh lemon slices and a bit more chopped fresh thyme.

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