Healthy Hamentashen Pops

Fruit hamentashen pops 550

With Purim coming up in just a couple of weeks my mind has started to fill with holiday treats. Purim is a time of indulgence, where people eat too much, drink too much, and all around have a wonderful time. I love making the holiday special for my family, and that does mean treats, but I also like it when I can celebrate the festivities with healthier options as well. These hamentashen fruit pops are absolutely ideal for celebrating in a festive way. My kids love anything on a stick, and these pops turn regular everyday fruit into a fun treat. I hesitate to even call this a recipe, any fruit that can be cut into flat shapes will work well. I used assorted melons for these, but pineapple would be great as well.

I know I will still be making candies and traditional hamentashen this Purim, but these pops will be a fun addition to our holiday celebrations. I highly recommend them.

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