Fresh Cranberry Raspberry Relish

cranberry raspberry relish all fruit
With Thanksgiving tomorrow it might seem like it would be difficult to maintain our new healthy eating but I am looking forward to enjoying a wonderful meal. We are having sweet potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts with lamb bacon and hazelnuts, green beans with fig vinaigrette and of course Turkey. I will skip the stuffing and the pies without much trouble (I have found them to be much less of a draw now that I know how much better I feel when I am not eating that kind of thing), but the one thing I can’t imagine a Thanksgiving feast being without is cranberry sauce. I absolutely adore cranberries in any form, and we usually have no less than three different cranberry sauces on our Thanksgiving table. So I decided to recreate my favorite kind, a raw cranberry raspberry relish, using only fruit.

I know that while doing the Whole 30 it is not encouraged to try to replicate foods that are off limits using acceptable ingredients. That being said, I just couldn’t imagine Thanksgiving without my favorite cranberry sauce so this is the compromise I am making. The original recipe is quite tangy and this version is too. It is not the recipe for people who love their cranberry sauce to be as sweet as jam. I love the tartness of cranberries and this recipe highlights that perfectly. The cranberry relish is still a bit sweet because of the addition of dates so I would recommend eating a small portion of it along side the rest of the meal rather than eating a whole bowl full as a snack (not that I know anyone who might do that, ahem) but all in all I think it will turn an otherwise great meal into a Thanksgiving feast.

Fresh Cranberry Raspberry Relish

By 11/21/2012



Combine the dates and a handful of raspberries in the food processor and process until smooth. Add the rest of the raspberries, the cranberries and the orange zest and process until well combined and the mixture reaches the desired consistency, mostly smooth with a few small chunks of fruit remaining.

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  • Susan Gavens

    Looking forward to making this dish, :-)!