Duck Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

proscuitto wrapped asparagus

The fun thing about having homemade duck prosciutto in my refrigerator is planning all the delicious ways I can enjoy it. I have always wanted to try prosciutto wrapped asparagus so that was the first recipe I made. Since I don’t have a meat slicer the prosciutto was a bit too thick to stay on by itself so the first batch came out delicious but not so pretty. The second time I used toothpicks to secure the meat and that worked much better. They came out perfectly and I have to say they are the perfect elegant appetizer to start a dinner party. The meat is crispy and the asparagus is just lightly cooked so it still has a nice crunch. The relationship of the salty crispy meat and the asparagus is wonderful, I now know that the fuss about prosciutto wrapped asparagus is well deserved.

This asparagus was a huge hit with my whole family. In fact, now every time I say that I am making asparagus for dinner my three year old asks if it can be “that meat kind”. Since I want to save some of that prosciutto to use in other recipes (like mixed greens and some amazing burgers, coming soon) the answer is usually “not this time” but for an elegant special occasion I will be sure to make these again.

Duck Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

By 06/24/2014

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 5 minutes
  • Yield : 4-6 appetizer servings



Trim the woody ends from the asparagus. Wrap one slice of prosciutto around each asparagus stalk, starting just under the tip. Do not overlap the prosciutto, it should cover as much of the asparagus as possible. Secure the meat with tooth picks. Place on a broiler pan.

Broil the asparagus for three minutes. Flip each piece over and broil again until the duck prosciutto is crispy and the asparagus is slightly soft about three minutes more. Serve hot.

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