A Planetbox giveaway to get us started!

planet box lunch 550Welcome to the new Paleo Kosher Kitchen! I am very excited to be launching my new blog today, and am so happy that you are joining me. Paleo Kosher Kitchen focuses on making food that is utterly satisfying , wholesome, natural and truly provides us the fuel we need to feel our best. But most importantly, the recipes will be truly delicious. It reflects the way my family and I eat most of the time, and since many people ask me for those recipes, I decided to start this blog as a way to share some of the wonderful things I make with all of you. Whether you are here because you are interested in Paleo recipes (basically no grains, legumes, dairy or refined sugars of any kind), are interested in low-carb or clean eating, or are simply looking for delicious and healthy recipes for both everyday and special occasions, I have lots of wonderful recipes in store to share with you.

The recipes currently on the site are carried over from a Whole 30 recipe site I started a few years ago. They are some of my favorite recipes so I wanted to make sure they were included in this new site, but I will be posting new recipes regularly as well.

In honor of my new blog launch (I have been excited about this for months!) I wanted to sponsor a giveaway.
One of the most important things about maintain healthy eating habits is to be prepared with food and snacks so that hunger doesn’t drive you to less healthy options. Nothing makes taking food on the go more fun than an awesome lunchbox. I absolutely adore the planetbox lunchbox kit so I decided to give one away in celebration of my new blog. These planetboxes are amazing. They are a single metal container with separate compartments and a lid. Since they are metal they come with decorative magnets that can be changed according to your mood. This means that as kids tastes and styles change you can simply change out the magnets, rather than having to replace the whole lunch box.

It took me a while to cave and buy one because they are quite pricey, but I have to say they have changed my attitude towards packing lunches. I have to admit that I do not love packing school lunches for my kids, but with the planet box I find myself looking forward to packing lunches that are not only tasty but aesthetically pleasing as well. (The lunch you see above is what I packed for my kids today). It is so fun I want to get one for myself as well. The are not just for kids, either. They have different sizes that are perfect for taking lunch or snacks to work or the gym. The whole thing can go in the dishwasher and there is only one piece (the lid is attached,) so I don’t have to waste time looking for the lids to all the different containers. It keeps the food airtight, too, which is amazing. With the planet box you can cut up an apple the night before and any leftover pieces that come home the next day will not be brown. There are even spill proof containers for salad dressings, dipping sauces, or gooey main dishes. I could go on and on about the reasons I love our planet boxes but instead I want to offer you the opportunity to win one of your own.

Leave a comment below with your favorite thing to pack in a lunchbox, and click in the contest box for other ways to get entries. The winner will have the opportunity to choose a planetbox lunchbox in what ever size s/he chooses. Check out their website for more information and options. The contest closes on Friday June 6th, at noon pacific time.

I will be here regularly with new recipes starting later this week so if you want to make sure not to miss a post subscribe to Paleo Kosher Kitchen using the email box on the sidebar.

Planetbox Giveaway

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  • Sina

    This is so awesome Shoshana! I’ve been wanting to get my kids a planetbox but they are pricey, would love to win one.

    Can’t wait to see the things you’ll post.

  • mayihavethatrecipe

    The planet box looks great! I always pack a fruit and a few veggies for my kids.

  • The site looks clean, appetizing and generally wonderful. Good luck! I have at least two grandkids who would ADORE that lunchbox. Btw, check out: http://www.lalalunchbox.com

  • blima

    I love oatmeal,, almonds and spinach with a fruit

  • Alissa L Wong

    still trying to figure that out. needing to pack kosher foods for a preschooler starting this summer!!

  • danarsab

    I like packing frozen grapes, roasted veggies, nut butters

  • That’s a good looking lunchbox and I’ll bet it pushes you to add variety to the lunch.

  • Sharon Kruschen

    mazal tov on the new blog! ps this lunchbox would be great for my daughter’s first day or preschool in the fall!

  • Gillian

    congratulations on your launch! My daughter’s favorite lunchbox item is apple slices and my son loves hard boiled eggs. Good luck with your blog – the recipes look delish!

  • melindakitchentested

    So exciting about the blog launch!!!! As a Paleo eater myself, I can’t wait to follow all of your recipes.

  • Melissa

    Very exciting

  • Rebecca Carl

    Congrats on the New Blog! Currently my favorite lunch item is whatever is leftover from dinner the night before!

  • Molly Pitcher

    I like to take leftovers for lunch, and spice it up with some crisp veges!

  • Aleeza A

    Looking forward to the paleo recipes.

  • Shoshanna ‘Goldstein’ Diamond

    I like chicken wraps

  • Chava

    Beans and rice

  • Erran Stowe-Mermelstein

    Salmon and salad

  • Sherry Ac

    Carrot sticks

  • Lynne

    My daughter would love this lunchbox for the kids.

  • Rachel Silverman

    I’ve been wanting to try this lunchbox system! It’s great to hear that it keeps fruit (apples in particular) fresh. That’s my biggest pet peeve about packed lunches.

  • Elisa Itkowitz

    Mazel tov! Can’t forget about the pb or sunflower balls!

  • Naomi Stroock

    Salad and fruit

  • Kayla Sculnick

    i love almond butter and celery. I think its the best combination of sweet and savory, healthy and special treat and it makes a great snack OR an even better dessert.

  • Melody

    Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie made with Lentil’s and sweet potatoes!

  • De Linden

    hummus and veggies

  • Helen

    Brown rice, quinoa and seitan with a side of strawberries.

  • Soaring Eagle

    Cream cheese sandwhiches

  • Sohi

    Congrats on your new blog! Excited to read your entries. Lately, I have been making my daughter DIY gimbab/sushi lunches (rice & roasted seaweed plus whatever I have on hand: avocado, cucumber, egg, or anything else!)

  • Melissa

    I love Planetboxes! This may be the push that I need to finally start my Whole 30. Thanks for this blog…it is very helpful to those of us who keep strictly kosher. Much appreciated & good luck!

    • Shoshana

      I hope this new blog can be a helpful resource for you. Please let me know if you have any questions or how I can be a support for you to start on this path.